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M. Wallis & Associates, LLC

Full Service General Contractors

  • Existing alcove space before demolition.

  • Alcove space prior to work commencement. Bathroom window will be removed and capped.

  • Start of bluestone patio and landing for two door openings.

  • Compacting crushed stone base for bluestone mix stone.

  • Establishing stone pattern with pitch away from house foundation.

  • Preparing existing alcove space to accept enclosed mudroom with sliding patio door.

  • Excavations for support footings of wall and stone landing.

  • Removal of existing concrete patio and site preparation to establish finish grade.

  • Replacement of damaged brickwork.

  • Site preparation

  • Original exterior brickwork enclosed into mudroom space with brick patches from old milk chute door. Added crown molding to match existing.

  • View of mudroom viewed from attached garage entry.

  • View of mudroom from attached garage entry door.

  • Outside patio view of mudroom and entrance to kitchen.

  • Inside view of Marvin brand sliding french patio doors overlooking bluestone patio.

  • New fire-rated door with detailed apllied moldings leading to garage.

  • Full color patterned bluestone patio with raised landing.

  • New patio and step stone walkway in patterned bluestone.

  • Sideview of completed project.

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