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M. Wallis & Associates, LLC

Full Service General Contractors

  • Before view of the existing 35 year old basement living area that had experienced water damaged flooding.

  • A small half bathroom was added to lower level under the staircase.

  • Toilet area located partially under staircase to save on limited space availability.

  • Swinging doors leading to half bath below staircase.

  • Storage closets and trim using all waterproof millwork and flooring.

  • Task lighting for craft station work area.

  • Finished plaster walls and ceilings with porcelin tile flooring.

  • View of customer's requested work craft area with extra hidden storage closets.

  • Custom built-in cabinetry with porcelin tile flooring. All moldings are made of waterproof and moldproof material.

  • Storage and bookshelf cabinetry with oak horizontal surfaces.

  • Painted birch cabinets with stained oak horizontal surfaces and directional down lighting.

  • Partial view of entertainment area with full area recessed lighting.

  • Finished entertainment area of lower level remodel. Custom built cabinetry and wood countertops in oak.

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