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  • Old kitchen layout located in one small area.

  • Old Butler's Pantry Room

  • Under utilized walled kitchen entry hall.

  • Unfunctional small kitchen area with raised sitting area by windows.

  • Common hall foyer staircase entry.

  • Existing kitchen layout prior to demolition.

  • Old partition divider wall to butler's pantry area.

  • Removal of load bearing partion wall.

  • Additional wall removal.

  • In process demolition.

  • In process demolition.

  • Installation of concealed header support.

  • Concealed header installation to achieve full height even ceilings.

  • Old window removal.

  • Enlarged opening entry to foyer staircase area.

  • New opened area.

  • New Marvin brand windows.

  • Finished view looking from butler pantry area.

  • New bar area using a mix of new and old cabinets.

  • Open wall for cooking and baking ease.

  • View of new open bar area.

  • Sink area with outside window view.

  • New L- shaped kitchen using new enlarged space.

  • New view from mudroom area.

  • Floor to ceiling subway tile with black stained oak floors.

  • New Marvin brand window at bulter pantry sink area.

  • Pantry cabinet installation on left using reclaimed doors.

  • Refrigerator box and butler space cabinet install.

  • View from mudroom entry to sink windows

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