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Second Floor Bungalow Storage Space Redefined Into a Master Suite.

  • Before view of undefined 70 year old space.

  • Dark hallway space with no natural light.

  • Removed unused chimney on right to create more space.

  • Staircase before.

  • Before staircase. Wall on left was removed..

  • Original storage area from 70 years ago.

  • Rough framing.

  • Bonus room.

  • Drywall Installation.

  • Drywall finishing.

  • Additional closet space after removal of unused brick chimney.

  • New open wall on right.

  • Removable stair railing for moving access.

  • Removable railing and spindles for easier moving access up staircase.

  • Staircase view down to first floor. Natural maple hardwood treads and landing.

  • Master bedroom with skylights for additional light into room.

  • Walk in closet.

  • Master bedroom.

  • Bedroom sitting area and office.

Categories: Room Alterations
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